John de-Pulford
Well, here it is at last, a few months after being thoroughly trashed by BT Technical Services during the course of a server migration. The original website had been built some nine years previously using MS Word evolving via MS FrontPage and picking up a somewhat dubious addiction to FrontPage server extensions along the way in order to ring the bells and blow the whistles; all of which promptly ceased during the course of the virtual diaspora.

Since the creation of the original website in 2001 the advent of such social networking sites as Flikr, FaceBook, and MySpace has rendered it somewhat obsolescent in its purpose as a set of image galleries; however I suppose it represents the modern equivalent of a 'vanity' publishing exercise and anyway I'm paying for the server space.

The Fly was created from an original photograph segmented in Photoshop CS4, then animated and sequenced using Macromedia Flash MX before finally being converted into an animated GIF.

Kuniko Hoshi
Sadly Kuniko never did get to write anything here, and now that she has decided that for reasons of financial probity and personal faith Her Agenda no longer includes waking up beside me and has therefore taken herself off; she never will. I shall miss her as one doesn't walk beside someone else for almost twelve years without feeling some loss of companionship when they are no longer there. I have left our wedding photographs on the site so she can show them to her friends in Japan whenever she might feel so inclined.

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